Racing the Reaper

North Carolina Chapter

The Mission
The mission of the EMS ROADDOCS Riding Club is to promote a spirit of comraderie among the members of EMS, and those closely associated with  the medical community, through the common interest of motorcyles.
We want to provide a safe environment for fellowship while promoting safety and education, and instill a positive image of our profession, as well as the motorcycle community.
We host and support social, educational, and charitable programs within our community,while maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere where Big Docs and Little Docs are welcome together.
What We Do
We are a non-profit emergency services riding club conceived around the idea that EMS personnel need a break from the stress of their profession  to just go out and ride with their brothers and sisters in EMS.

We are dedicated to our families and friends, as well as giving back to the community in which we work and live. As part of this mission, we feel privileged and honored to provide medical support to our non-EMS comrades during their group rides and events. 
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